Vertical videos

Is there a way to make the length of frame width, when I try to put 3 videos of 1080x2060 in one video side by side?
The only way I find is 1st to put in timeline a 4k video then add other 3 and then delete the 4k video one. If I only put my 3 videos the length of videos is only 1080 and no matter if I crop, size, position they will overlap, and I don’t have the necessary width to fit my 3 videos.

After I read some topics it’s seems shotcut its set default settings of the first video imported. Now when I try to export the video it’s takes the original default settings of my 4k video. I guess I have to try to make a default video just to be a base for my vertical videos. I will post after I will be done.


You can define the video resolution when you start a project, setting the “video mode”. So you don’t need to have any 4k video.

Then you can put a color background in V1, or the first video, and use size and position in each video.

I hope you can understand my english :wink:

You need to set a custom video mode before you start.

Thanks guys! Really helps even better.

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