Vertical video from horizontal source

I am sorry to ask this possibly simple question. I have tried to look several videos on the topic, but I but I am not sure of the information.

I got a camera making a horizontal video 1280x720 even though I record the video vertically. And I of cause want the editing of my final video to be in vertical format 720 x 1280. I have then defined a vertical format in the settings.

When I load the video in, the video is like resized to a width of 720p on screen. When use the “Rotate and Scale” filter 270 degrees with 100 % scaling, I get a video shown that is like 405x720. So it seems downsized even though the scaling says 100 %. I am then able to scale it to 180% to make it fit window. I am just worried, that this process might harm quality of video by down sizing and after words sizing up again. I may be wrong.

I hope you got some hints for me :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t unless you drop the default VBR of 55% to something lower. The default setting of 55% is considered to be high quality encode. If you are unsatisfied with it then you can raise the VBR a bit but there’s no need to go past 68%. At that point you really won’t be noticing any quality difference with the naked eye.

By the way, what version number of Shotcut are you using? Go to Help > About Shotcut to find out.

FYI, the next version of Shotcut will include Rotation in Properties for only 0, 90, 180, or 270 degrees to let you correct or override videos with missing or incorrect orientation/rotation metadata in them.


I use version 20.04.12. Yes, I know it may be old :slight_smile:

Thank you. It looks like a good tool for me.

I have also used another free program to process the video before using Shotcut, and it is called Free Video Flip and Rotate. It works nice, but the output format parameters are limited. So it would be nice to keep the process in Shotcut.

You should upgrade to the latest version.

Yes, but now that shutcut leader is announcing the new rotation filter, I may just wait for that.

It’s not a rotation filter he was talking about. He was talking about another option to rotate a video or image in 1 of 4 directions in the Properties tab. You can still do it right now with the Size, Position & Rotate filter with the “Rotate” part of that filter being what you are looking for.

Also, it takes less than a minute to download and install a new Shotcut version. It’s not a big deal whatsoever.

Sorry about late reply here.

Regarding quality… then it is not the encoding, that I am worried about. When you first downsize the frame with a factor 1.8 and then upsize it a factor 1.8, then you cannot avoid quality los due to that.

That is not what Shotcut does when you use Size, Position & Rotate does unless you use preview scaling.

Thank you - then I am not so worried anymore. I guess you need to use the exact upsize factor for my problem then. It is 1.7778. Otherwise the frame will not fit.

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