Vertical MP4 Video "Appcrash" on adding to Shotcut

Hi there,

I am attempting to add a Vertical Mp4 video taken on Pixel 2 XL and it immediately crashes Shotcut “Close” when added to timeline.
It will appear and play the whole video in preview screen but as soon as I click on Add or manually move to timeline it crashes shotcut???
Have closed and retried…will shut off computer and reboot and try again but why is this occurring?

So by adding my Subscribe screen at the end and leaving space to import video in between start and finish seemed to allow it on timeline?

What you using for Video Mode in either Settings or New Project? Are you certain this is due to the vertical video; does it work fine with other videos? If specific to this video, can you upload it somewhere for me to test?

Also, you need to state your Shotcut version and operating system. And if you have enabled the hidden GPU effects option, then turn it off or do not complain as it is unsupported.

Video track placing video into track on New project
Only this video issue occurred?
Shotcut version 18.03.06
Windows 7 64 bit

To do anything with this bug report you need to test with the latest version, specify your Video Mode, and provide details about the file (i.e. resolution, or the file itself).

Whats the video mode?

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