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Thank you for a great program and forum!

I have a 16 GB ram Lenovo PC, and it works fine but very intensely with the newest version of Shotcut. I’m exporting a file now, and the CPU is on 100% and memory 35% + plus it’s noisy.

Could you recommend an older version that would leave a bit more space for the CPU?

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Ingunn Borren

Given your current situation, I would say you are in the best position to determine which version gave you the best results (since it is potentially/probably specific to your machine).

So, if the version prior to your upgrade worked, just go back to that. Otherwise, the only way to know is to experiment by downloading several older releases (maybe standalone versions to save installing?) and test them until you find one that doesn’t impact your CPU so significantly.

But you may need to visit the github section to get a recent older download (it can be a little confusing and I have been guilty of linking directly to that in the past without clarification). You will need to click on the word “Assets” under the version you want to download.

If you are running windows you could also try adjusting the process priority to a lower setting.

There is a good chance it has nothing to do with Shotcut version but a difference in your video projects’ resolution, frame rate, and usage of filters and effects. You would need to compare them using the same saved project. It is normal and usually a good thing if export uses 100% CPU. Why do you want it to go slower (besides the fan noise)? Some people complain when it does not use 100% because they do not understand why it cannot use what is available. But there are options that can affect it. Did you turn off the hardware encoder or turn on parallel processing in Export?

Shotcut already does this if you have Settings > Job Priority at its default Low.

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Hi Mark, thank you very much for you reply! Kind regards :slight_smile:

Hi Dan, thank you for your reply! The hardware encoder was “off”. I haven’t turned it “off” though, I think. I used the default settings (I just downloaded the latest version). Is it better to have it “on”. Before, I used a very old version of the program (because of little ram). Now I have another pc and thought I’d go for more power… I see your point regarding the CPU though, thank you!

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