Version 19.01.27 Chroma Key Advanced and Simple not working!

Whenever I’m trying to use the Chroma Key Advanced and/or Simple, use the color picker to pick my color, it’s not working for some reason. Do you think you can fix that?

No, because it works for me.

Here’s a picture about the Chroma Key not working for me:

How can I make Chroma Key work for me?

Move the clip to the timeline and put this clip over other.

If you use this filter without other layer, you don’t have nothing to show.

It does not work for me either.

Possibly it’s from filters that you have applied to your Master and Track.
You’re only showing filters applied to the clip.
But using your filter settings applied to the clip, it works fine for me with Shotcut 19.02.28.

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I’ll investigate my filters.

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