Vergano Village

here my last video made quickly with Shotcut.
I used mainly Time Remap and LUT’s filters.
It’s a video footage of a small italian village (ancient origin) near my home: only one road on the top of the hill.

@drutgat Take a look at the new intro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very nice intro letter animation! A must to drive by village!
A little too dark on the debut: I’m fond of transitions where light slowly increases (or blur decreasing) at the beginning and vice-versa at the end.
At second viewing my thought was I was willing the drone point of view would hover circularly round the village as my head stoop at the right to discover what’s has been hidden till the begining: a full 360 degrees would have been great.
Always wanting more but it is a perfect call to come here and have a real look in person.
Whom is it intended for?

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@Etienne_Cadou Thank you for your feedbacks, are always stimulating. It is done only friends, family, … and for funny.

As I always says, making video software and cutting videos is different. The techniques of ‘montage’ (in french) is a real job and sometimes the use of shotcut or any software can interfere with what we would like to show. I’m thinking that a hand written resume of video project is good to do when we begin to work.

I think this is a huge improvement over the last video.

Things that I liked were the length, camera-angles, music.

Nothing to dislike.

Things that could improve it would include some overlays giving some of the history of the village, how old is it? where is it? photo’s from archives of people that lived there? Coat-of-Arms? location on map?

Very relaxing to watch, thank you.

Loved the video. I agree.

The construction of the castle dates back to around 1283. There are records of Calcino Tornielli taking possession of the castle in 1312. The structure remained intact despite the terrible struggles and battles fought at that time. Renovation and extension work was carried out in 1470. The gate tower with the drawbridge dates back to that period.

At present the castle consists of four ‘bodies’: the front part is located towards the hamlet of Vergano and it has a large round-vaulted window with a decoration surmounted by the noble coat of arms of the Tornielli family.

The northern part is currently used as a private residence.


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