Variable Frame Rates

When I exported my video the audio was not matching up with my mouth. It looked like a terrible Chinese to English dubbed film!

I am using 11 video clips that I recorded on my phone and imported into my computer. I realized all video clips (original or source videos) have different frame rates which I discovered after right clicking on each video, selecting properties, and looking to see what the frame rates were. One is 29.91, another is 30.06… and so on.

I assume this is causing the issue. I’ve been working on a 60 second video for about 8 hours now trying to fix this.

While I’m not new to shot cut (I’ve successfully put together about four videos now, one of them half an hour long with tons of different clips and graphics) I AM an idiot when it comes to tech lingo, so I really need someone to dumb this down for me on how to fix it.

The playback seems to be doing OK, but when I convert and open the MP4 that’s when the audio does not match up with the video. I got so desperate I played it in the previewer and tried to do a screen recording of the preview since the previewer seemed to be matching up OK… but then that video quality and audio is horrible so that isn’t going to work.

Some of the fixes I’ve already tried were to upload the original/source videos individually into the playlist, then in the Export Tab: Under Intermediate selecting DNxHR HQ, Advanced, Video - making sure the Frames/Sec match the source video, Audio Rate Control is Constant Bitrate, Bitrate 512k, then exporting each one individually. Then uploading into a new project.

That didn’t work.

I tried converting each clip into “Edit Friendly Formatc” under the properties tab then uploading the converted clips into a new project.

That didn’t work.

The only thing I can think of that I did different from this project from previous ones was that when I was fimling, I filmed using a [1:1] ratio from my camera as opposed to [full] but I don’t know why that would have made a difference?

Please help!

Edited to include some of my fixed in original post

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