Variable frame rate conversion

Hello All,

When creating a video , dragging a video clip that was captured with a new drone into the timeline I get a pop up saying “This video is a variable frame rate video,would you like to convert this video?” I just cancel this box out and continue. I am saving/exporting the videos as 1280x720 or 1080x1080 from Shotcut. These are just simple history videos that are uploaded to a Facebook Group. I use the video as a 'background running,with history pictures interspersed overlayed ,just to explain.
Problem: When playing the videos back on computer after export everything looks fine . When uploading to Facebook, the video from drone looks very degraded but photos are always sharp. Have tried both 1280x720 & 1080x1080 exports and both are degraded after upload to FB.
The other videos that are created and uploaded to FB from handheld camera never gets this degrdation.

Are they also 1280x720?

Hi Austin,

Yes the exported videos all i do for FB group are 1280x720 exported. Have also tried exported at custom 1080x1080 which is the standard ‘square’ resolution FB uses… Both look the same, when uploaded,almost as though you uploaded 380x380 old android format,very grainy. Have tried this on about 5 videos now,from new drone. Not sure what is happening. Dont think it is really a shortcoming of Shotcut,but never had this happen before.
The drone actually saves in 2048x1088 resolution,have also done converting in ffmpeg to 1280x720 before adding to Shotcut for adding to timeline,to see if this conversion may circumvent the problem,am explaining here , The only difference is,with handheld video cam,it evidentally is NOT being saved as variable frame rate,whereas the drone saved videos are,hence i get the warning in Shotcut,the video should be converted. I only thought the variable rate video may be a problem,in audio getting out of sync with video,when rendered in Shotcut.All render the same in exported video from Shotcut.
I will give doing the conversion routine as suggested by Shotcut,and post results if this circumvents this anomoly.


What export preset are you using? Do you make any customizations? What is the frame rate?

Shotcut always exports constant frame rate video. So Facebook will not see any of the VFR in your sources.

Some thoughts come to mind…

  1. Does simply raising the quality parameter of the export help anything? Export panel > Advanced > Codec > Quality

  2. Does setting the GOP to Fixed help? It’s a checkbox on the same tab as above.

  3. Does Facebook do a thing where it transcodes a low-quality version first, and after awhile, it finishes transcoding a high-quality version? YouTube does this, where people see 360p first and then the 4K version arrives much later. Maybe it just takes more time? I don’t use Facebook, so I’m not sure.

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This clearly says that you were satisfied after export

And here the quality degrades, And if the quality after export is fine, then it means that FB is just degrading quality on the videos, no worries, it also happens on Twitter with me.

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After I posted this here,i am certain,i had read a few months ago,were Facebook had changed the resolutions conversions to Facebook Groups. There is something to do with having a standard account,which is what i have ,had it for about 12 years, versus a 'business Facebook account". It was said in business account you have two options of video quality when uploading your videos. I assume this is simply a subtle marketing thing to get a few more business accounts, coming in?
Does anyone know if i am all wet on this?


I’m totally shooting in the dark since I don’t have an account to test, but does this Facebook Help page do anything for you? Supposedly there is a setting to enable HD uploads.

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