Vacation Video for our Family

A video I made for our family that puts together some of our more memorable moments from a trip to Durango.

Had grabbed a GoPro Hero 5 a short time before so (still) don’t know much about it, a Panasonic P&S that kept accidently changing settings and my Sony A6300. Didn’t have a plan with shooting, just random takes and a lot of goofs, which at least made the video clips fun for us.

Learned a lot about Shotcut while putting it together, especially from searching this forum, but still very new to its abilities. Tried to keep it simple and quick so we didn’t bore any of our family.

Hopefully I get to do it again soon so that I don’t forget what I had learned.

Vacation Durango


Nice video. Looks like a cool vacation place.
Bob Ross energy drinks? That made me laugh. :rofl:


Looks like a lot of my vacations - full of adventure!


Nice video, @Neuner. I like the way you cut in old footage of some of the places. Adds a sense of history. You guys had a lot of fun …


I like how you incorporated the security camera footage at the end. That Suburban served your family well.

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Thank you everyone for the kind remarks, we appreciate it!

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