V23 crashes on start with macOS 12.7.1 with OCLP 1.2

MacOS 12.7.1 with OCLP 1.2

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)?
Version 23 of shotcut crashes at startup. Up to version 22 it works fine. I tried trashing preferences, etc… but nothing works.

Any thoughts?

Check shotcut is compatible with your MacOS version. Update your system and drivers. If that doesn’t help try reinstalling shotcut. Opening it in safe mode might bypass issues. If you’re using opencore legacy patcher then check for any conflicts then consider going back to a stable previous version like shotcut 22.

Found the problem. From version 23 up the app is using metal now. My mac does not have that on the GPU.

There will not be any changes to address this. You need a proper mac and GPU.