V21.04 BETA/Unstable with Time Remap

This filter does not support filter trimming. He is talking about trimming the clip. We might have a bug where the corresponding keyboard shortcuts are not disabled in this case.

It’d be a good idea to remove the and {} icons from the Time Remap keyframe timeline. If they are not used they just shouldn’t be there. In fact, since there are no simple keyframes or trim handles either then it’d be good to remove the top part of that keyframe timeline and only leave the Advanced Keyframe portion. That would make it clear that this filter’s keyframe options are not the same as all the others.

They are disabled, and the toolbar is not unique to each filter. I think disabled is better. Some people do not like when things disappear and prefer them to be disabled because they do not want the location to move nor do they want a blank spot. I am leaving this the way it is.

That would make it clear that this filter’s keyframe options are not the same as all the others.

There are some other filters that do not support trimming (e.g. fade in or out) or simple keyframes.

Just so I know I got it right, @shotcut, there’s going to be another testing phase for Time Remap after this beta phase right?

This is fixed for the next build

This is by design, although, I admit that it looks confusing in your demo. The idea is that if someone had performed clip trimming (not filter trimming), they might not want some keyframes to be removed even though they are trimmed out of the clip because frames that are still in the clip might be interpolated from that keyframe. So I allow keyframes past the end of the dlip. The main problem with your demo is not that they place a keyframe outside of the clip, but that once they place it there, they can not manipulate it.

We plan to make one last test build very soon.

I made some improvement to this. Before, the keyframe could be placed out to infinity. Now, it is limited by the duration of the clip - which might still be outside of the keyframe timeline, but it won’t be beyond the duration of the clip.

@brian, I think in the Alpha thread I asked something about what would happen if a clip is made longer or shorter after Time Remap is added. I think I suggested something about the lowest and highest points sort of updating dynamically to reflect the length being changed. I don’t know what your thought is in regards to that but in case I did bring that up before I want to say that after me giving it some more thought maybe it’s easier and more logical to just have it that when Time Remap is added to a clip the lowest point (i.e. the start frame) and the highest point (i.e. the last frame) are locked from that point on regardless if the clip is made longer or shorter. There could be perhaps a use case of someone using Time Remap just to make a clip run slower or faster as an alternative to the Speed parameter in Properties.

I think we have a mix of this now. One constraint is that a keyframe can not be at a negative position. So, if the user trims in from the left any keyframe that would go negative is “moved” to stay at the zero position but with a value that is interpolated to that new zero frame position.

My goal was to minimize surprises to the user. If they have carefully selected input/output mappings, I do not want to break those mappings when they trim the clips from either end. So the result is:

  • Make the clip longer from the start: The first keyframe does not move and the video will be frozen up to the first keyframe.
  • Make the clip shorter from the start: The first keyframe will “move” to stay at position zero with a new interpolated value to maintain the frame mapping
  • Make the clip longer from the end: If there are keyframes past the end of the clip, they may come into view. Else, the video will freeze after the last keyframe
  • Make the clip shorter from the end: keyframes are allowed to fall past the end of the clip. They are not visible, but are still used for interpolation.

Yes. I agree. And this is even more useful now that I have audio working better. But this is really easy to fix/change by clicking the “default” button on the time remap parameter to restore 1x speed and then use the new “set speed” buttons to set a single speed across the entire clip. So I do not think we need to optimize for this situation since it is so easy to change.