V20.06 BETA is available

I don’t mind sharing the images to see if you can reproduce the problem if that helps. I’ve put them into 2 folders to keep the file size down to under 4Mb.

The images that caused the proxy creation to fail were 1, 6, 9, 11 and 12.

Yorkshire countryside photos batch 1.zip (3.2 MB)

Yorkshire countryside photos batch 2.zip (3.7 MB)

Windows 10, btw

I tested these several times on Windows 10 without failures. You can use Properties > Proxy > Make Proxy on failures.

I have now reproduced the problem with export using the proxies.

Yes, I use a project folder
Here is the mlt file
Diapos.mlt (587 Bytes)

No, the view you see at the beginning of the video is that of an empty folder (to hide my desk)
Here’s the view after the crash.

Here’s the test, apparently nothing’s happening.

The queue is stuck. You need to stop the job stuck at 0%.

After re opening the project.

There’s something weird, too.
On the video above (post 29) you can see that I uploaded 7 pictures in the playlist.
In the work view there are 10 tasks ???
But I did all of them live ???
If it can help you

Everyone, please wait until a new beta is posted before reporting any more bugs with PROXY.
Feel free to test other things and report on them. Until then any replies on that subject will be ignored.


Merge with next clip issue.
Put a clip on the timeline add a filter to it, split the clip. Use merge with next clip, the filter is duplicated. Every time the clip is split and merged the filters are replicated.

Hello all, @shotcut !

Thanks a lot @shotcut for the amazing work, as usual. The proxy feature is especially appreciated.

As I tested, I found a few bugs (not all related to Proxies) (bugs or that at least looks like ones to me) and I also have suggestions.

BUGS (tbc)

  • the Proxy > Storage > Show does not do anything

  • strangely but similarly, the Properties > Show in folder does not work

  • I cannot ask the Proxy to be computed for more than one item (or at least I could not find how). When selecting multiples items in the playlist, there ws not contextual menu to perform the same action on those selected items, i.e. make a proxy.
    I really think adding the Proxy menu on the right click menu should contain those proxy related actions

  • by mistake, I moved a proxied file from a track to another one (from #2 to #1) … I saw my mishandling, did CTRL+Z … it did no do anything, I put it back to its place manually by drag & drop … since the, the file cannot be played (black), regenerating a proxy does not work (error log says (…) proxies/04860c33160327032ab72e22928481a8.mp4: No such file or directory)
    and the file, in the track appears with the proxyname, not the actual filename … I disabled the proxy, to no avail, then deleted it and tried to regenerate it … to no avail as well …

  • After I disabled+deleted the proxy on this clip, the properties of this clip still shows it’s a proxy ! it should be a clip …

  • At one point I got a crash : disbaled proxy + deleted it + tried to re-enable it : it crashed

  • when I reopened my project (not save since the beginning) all was fine


  • add a visual hint on the timeline to know a clip is using a Proxy (i.e. a file exist for it and it’s being used). The background color could be slightly different, or a tiny icon be added, or a suffix added next to the clipname, like filename.mp4 (proxy).
  • once again, I tried to to something on a clip and intuitively looked on the right-click menu on the timeline (this time to generate the Proxy) … I think the contextual menu on the elements of the timeline could really be enriched
  • I have a powerful computer : could the proxy be set with a bit higher quality (this could be a well hidden setting, but I set 720p as proxy+scaling preview … and it’s really smooth. I feel I could push it further with slightly biiger proxy files using a better quality (higher CRF)


  • can the proxy format be chosen ? I have an H/W compatible encoder, and it can perform HEVC or X264 … but I’m not sure enabled means “selected”. I see the proxy are in HEVC, but I wonder if using x264 would not be even smoother in playback / lighter in terms of performances.

I hope my bug reports are not too crappy !

As usual, my setup :

Thank a lot

@GLLM, you might’ve missed Dan’s message in this thread but he wrote this in this thread 2 replies before yours:

@DRM : you are right. I may have scrolled to the bottom of the thread a bit too fast.
Sorry @shotcut … I still report not proxy-related bugs in my first post :wink:

Merging does not know which filters to keep. It does not know that the filter on the second clip was from a split. After merging you need to decide which filters to keep. This will not be changed.


This is an old bug on some Linux builds and desktop environments. I do not know why. We simply make a high level call in Qt, and then it is largely out of our hands. Perhaps a future upgrade to Qt will make a difference. For me, on Ubuntu 20.04 with GNOME Shell, it works in Flatpak and AppImage as well as my local compile. There is probably a file missing in our portable and snap, but I do not know.

can the proxy format be chosen ? I have an H/W compatible encoder, and it can perform HEVC or X264 … but I’m not sure enabled means “selected”. I see the proxy are in HEVC

Covered in the docs (below), but turn off hardware encoder for x264.

Wait, so Shotcut will have Offline Video Editing? Can I still upscale the resolution?

i think it always been.

Some thoughts about the Sildeshow Generator:

  • The Zoom Effect goes in. How about a Zoom option that goes out?
  • Can there be a Zoom Effect that also randomly picks going in and out?
  • Is it possible to create a Loop option? An option that would take that animation and repeat it by having the last image transition back to the first where it starts over again?
  • How about a preset option?
  • How about adding default buttons?
  • Minor but shouldn’t the Transition Softness be deactivated when Dissolve is chosen? Unless it serves a function with Dissolve that I am missing.
  • Crop and Pan currently moves in just one direction. Can a 2nd option for Crop and Pan be given that goes in the other direction?
  • Can there also be an option for Crop and Pan that picks randomly whether it goes in or out?
  • Can there be a timer added that will let you know how long the slideshow will last according to the settings made?

Finally, there is a bug that I have come across where the very first clip of the slideshow is not animated but the rest are. It keeps happening and I don’t have to really do anything except use the default settings. If you are not coming across this then I will provide more details.