V20.04: issues

Hi, may be you know already, however didn’t found held on short notice.
In version 20.04 no default settings for texts are available. You cannot save your own presets.
There is also no possibility to adjust image transitions.
Please ask for help on how to do it anyway.
Thanks an best regards

Sorry, but I do not understand anything you reported and unable to reproduce them. It helps to be more specific and provide steps and screenshots.
Everything has a default simply by definition; it is impossible to break that. Whatever you see the first time you use it is a default. Do you mean the stock presets of the Text: Simple filter?

Hi, image transitions are working now - after restart.
What I mean regarding text editor:

You cannot open a pre-defined text style. Even to save an own style is not possible anymore.
I tried to insert a screen shot.
After some 30min of work the program terminates suddenly without any failure message. All the work since last manual saving is lost.

Due to the termination of the app I had to start the work from the beginning serveral times. Changes are saven only, if you give a new name. Overwrite doesn’t work obviously. I’m very diappointed from the new version…

I do not reproduce any of the problems you describe.

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