V19.06 BETA now available

Dan reported that he took care of it in post #15 here.

The autosave on crash seems to be working. Before the Beta every time a project was saved a copy of some sort was written to the autosave folder. It’s not happening anymore.

Check this post.

Hi, Archlinux user here compiled from git r3227.1560136583.a926d799-1 r3227.1560136583.a926d799 So this may or may not be relevant (today’s build). I also tried with the current package 19.04.something and I still have the problem.

Simple bug report: Scopes not displaying. I had a problem with the audio waveform scope and it would crash without fail. So, audio waveform crashes the program. Tried multiple times.

This is a bigger problem, now none of my scopes are displaying, and video histogram is essential to a documentary project I am working on currently.

Is my .mlt broken? From trying the broken audio waveform scope. Or is it a wider problem with this build?

EDIT: It’s kind of working now. I’m not messing with it. These are fairly big projects with 12 tracks and maybe two or three hours total in the timeline.

A bouquet as well! Loving the new quick shortcuts for all the major controls (filters, properties, all that stuff). Getting around quickly in the UI is a major bonus for me. Thank you thank you! :joy:

When the radius control in the Crop: Circle filter is put at 100%, black edges in all four corners are still visible. Can this be tweaked so that at 100% there is no black edges visible? Also, for both new Crop Filters, can a decimal point be added to give more control (e.g. 100.0%)?

Also, I am not sure if this is a bug but the behavior seems strange. I was moving multiple clips by turning on both Ripple & Ripple All. When I take the 1st clip and move it on top of the second clip then all clips move accordingly as expected. But if I take that 1st clip and move it beyond the 2nd clip all clips move backward not forward. I made a demo to show what I mean here. I move the 1st clip on top of the 2nd clip two times. Then on the 3rd time I move the 1st clip beyond the 2nd clip and all clips move in the opposite direction:

That was a bug you are calling a feature. It is not supposed to behave like that and just keep eating disk space. It is only supposed to keep one copy of a project in autosave - not a new copy every 30 seconds!

My bad. Thought I discovered a new feature.:woozy_face: