V19.04 BETA now available

Rules of Participation (Important)

  • Provide all feedback as a reply within this thread or as a GitHub Issue.
  • If using a GitHub issue, make sure you indicate the version.
  • You can reference other threads from this thread, but do not confuse others by opening new posts/threads.
  • Do not report about existing bugs that have not been indicated as fixed by this version.
  • The beta period is only going to last 8 days.
  • We are only interested in major regressions over recent versions (v19.01 and newer).
  • We are also interested in major bugs in new features and changes specific to this release.
  • There will only be another beta released if there is a critical problem that needs confirmation from testers after the fix.
  • The actual release may add some low risk fixes and additions (e.g. new filter) over the beta.


Get the beta release from this GitHub page that also includes the list of fixes, changes, and additions.

Thank You For Your Help!

I was experimenting with the Glitch filter to see if I can limit the effect to the size of the box in Text so that if I make the size of the text smaller then only the text has the glitch going and the rest of the screen is glitching. I couldn’t get it to work. I swapped the order of the Text and Glitch filters and the whole screen is effected either way. The only way to get to a similar effect I was going for is to put a second transparent clip underneath the first transparent clip with the text and glitch effect. I am not sure if this is an error in the design of the Glitch filter or not.

Also, I see the the Default and Keyframe buttons in the Spot Remover filter are too far away.

You can limit the glitch to the text to a certain extent.
Filters I used.

Mask simple shape width and height set to 0 softness set to 0.
Mask Apply.

Glitch text.mlt (6.5 KB)


The Audio Dance Visualization has a few bugs.
When the filter is added it looks like this.

When the reset button for the initial zoom and the zoom parameter is pressed the defaults do not revert back to the initial values.

All the other reset buttons are working properly.

Thanks for the report. I fixed this for the release.

This is not a bug but just the way filters work and will not be addressed.

Since Flathub now provides support for a beta branch, I made the beta available:

flatpak remote-add flathub-beta https://flathub.org/beta-repo/flathub-beta.flatpakrepo
flatpak install flathub-beta org.shotcut.Shotcut
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The Speed control in the Properties tab is messed up. The problems happen when the clip is brought to the timeline. On some clips, if you change the number and press enter Shotcut will crash. On other clips, if you change the number and press enter then Shotcut will revert back to the default of 1.000000.

Also, in the cases where it does crash, when Shotcut is reopened and you pick to open the auto-saved file Shotcut says it fails to open it.

Thank you. This is fixed. It was an easy fix with low risk even though it took a while to find. In the course of that, I suffered a number of crashes but did not reproduce the failure to open.

I just saw this bug report at GitHub and I have reproduced it several times now.

Here are the steps:

  1. Start Shotcut.
  2. Bring any clip to the timeline. It doesn’t have to go first to the playlist. It can just go from the preview window to the timeline.
  3. Once the clip is in the timeline make sure to select the video clip. This triggers the bug.
  4. Go to Properties and change the Color Range. If it’s at “Limited” then change it to “Full” and vice versa.

Shotcut will crash.

This only happens when the clip in the timeline. If you change the Color Range when the clip is in the preview window then it won’t crash.

This bug is related to the speed change bug that was already fixed. They both cause the same downstream behavior to the timeline clip where the bug laid.