V.23.12.15 Freezes Rendered Videos

I recently updated to v. 23.12.15 of Shotcut–but my videos FREEZE in a number of clips after Rendering the videos.

After in re-installed the previous version, I was able to Render the videos minus that freezing.

Anyone else having this Rendering issue with v. 23.12.15?

I sure hope that bug gets fixed with the next Update!

This reminds me of something.
A while ago I exported a video and found out that there were weird glitches (not really freezing) where I used a certain filter (don’t remember which one though). The solution to that problem was to disable Parallel Processing in the Export panel.

Maybe you can try and see if that will work for you.

I have not experienced that but also I do not work with game captures like a lot of people. No one else complained yet either, and there have already been over 60,000 downloads for that version alone!

I don’t doubt your claims–but the latest version did freeze my rendering–and the previous one didn’t.

Thanks, will check that out.

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