UX: File open accept filename without extension / save as re-use existing filename

18.06.02/Win64/GPU enabled

UX suggestions:

When opening a file, accept a filename without extension. If the file does not exist, look for that filename with the .mlt extension. If that file exists, open that file instead.

Typically on Windows (and I think most other platforms) this is taken care of automatically - might only need to add the MLT extension to ::getOpenFileNames in order for that to happen automatically? No experience with Qt.

When saving a file (through Save As), pre-enter the current project’s file name. If the user is saving to e.g. a temp edit, then can simply append " temp" to the end, rather than having to spell out the full filename again. Right now it seems that “/.mlt” is appended to the path by default, replace with QFileInfo(m_currentFile).fileName() ? Again, no Qt experience.

I don’t name all projects, so this wouldn’t work.
It’s trivial (for me) to enter a name when exporting.

I’m not sure if we’re referring to the same thing here. I meant to say that if you open the file “Hello World.mlt”, then going through File > Save As, the dialog should have “Hello World.mlt”, rather than just “.mlt” suggested as the filename. I hope that makes more sense.

‘Save As’ assumes you don’t want to overwrite the original file, therefore will give you the opportunity to enter a new name. This is not different to most all other software.

How would the application know the user’s intention?
The user is in control and should assume responsibility for file management and naming, not the software.

Perhaps it’s a difference in platform that has given us different expectations? My context would be use on the Windows platform.

I have tried about two dozen programs, and so far they have all suggested the same filename as that was opened. The behavior for a blank file does differ between leaving the filename blank, or using whatever the program decided to call the file for other purposes - e.g. LibreOffice’s “Untitled 1”.

Just to clarify further, I’m talking about filling in this section:

Example standard file dialog (InkScape):

Example custom file dialog (The GIMP):

Not suggesting that ShotCut automatically saves to a generated filename (like “Increment on Save”) - that would be a different suggestion altogether.

Really? Two dozen? :wink:
Anyway, if you are saving ‘as’, then why would you want the original file name to automatically populate the name field? Seems like a good way to overwrite the master copy.
Shotcut’s empty ‘Save As’ file name field prevents this from happening. It’s a ‘feature’

Well a few more than two dozen :stuck_out_tongue:

And while I have tried far fewer than that when seeing what happens if I leave the filename in place, they have all so far warned me that the file already exist and asks if I want to overwrite it or not.

True, but it’s still easy to just press enter when in a hurry.
I guess some of us just don’t mind being in full control rather than trusting the software.

Notepad works the same as Shotcut.
No wonder I like Shotcut so much.

If you don’t have a file opened, correct. My suggestion was with regard to having a file opened. Try opening an existing file in notepad, then File > Save As…
It should re-use the name of the file that was opened as a suggestion in the File save dialog;

If you press enter in a hurry, it will default to “No” and take you back to the file saving dialog. ShotCut does this as well if you explicitly specify a file name that already exists - that wouldn’t change:

You would still be in full control. If you use File > Save As, the suggested filename is selected text by default (blue highlight). If you begin to type, it will overwrite that just as it is now. Nothing in your existing workflow should be changing as a result of this suggestion.

I just click on the previous file, then rename it. It’s just one extra click of the mouse. I fail to see the necessity. This is just something I overlook and it doesn’t bother me in the least. Guess I’m just happy the way it is.

That would be at least 3 mouse clicks (1 to click the file, presuming it’s visible in the folder view, 1 to click back to the filename input - which selects the entire filename, and 1 to place the cursor where you want it), or 2 mouse clicks and key presses (same first two, then two tabs to get to the file input, then arrow keys to place the cursor).

Regardless, the suggestion would still not affect that workflow either.

In short, it wouldn’t affect the workflow of anybody who likes it the way it is now, while improving the workflow for people who are used to the way this is handled in almost every other app.
If you’re happy the way it is, that’s great! I’m glad you’re happy. The question is whether you would be unhappy if it were changed, given that it wouldn’t change anything for your existing workflow.

This is not possible because we use OS file dialogs (via Qt) with no control. On macOS, you have to pick something - no text entry available. On Windows, Windows complains that you entered a file that does not exist even before we get to it.

This is done for the next release v18.07

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Ah, bummer - I forgot that was a thing. Thanks for looking into it anyway!

I would love it if something like Ctrl+N would append an incremented number to the end of the existing projects filename. For cases where one likes to document the rapidly developing stages of a project this can be very useful. Or even something like in Blender where you just F2, then Numpad+ to add the incremented number to the end of the existing filename.