Utilisation motion tracker

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with using the motion tracker, I followed a tutorial from Ben and I must be missing something. Text tracking in my case is non-existent. I don’t see the keyframes appear. Does somebody have an idea ?
Thank you and have a good weekend

I tried with the same video and using all the same parameters you used. It works fine for me (I’m on Windows).

Did you save your project before and after analyzing the clip?
If not, do these steps and see if it solves your problem.

  • Import your clip
  • Save the project
  • Add the Motion Tracker filter and move the green rectangle around the boat.
  • Click the Analyze button.
  • When the analyze is done, Save the project again.
  • Add the Text filter and load the keyframes from the tracker.

Thank you MusicalBox
I’m also on Windows (w10).
It was just for a test, so I hadn’t created a project.

I have tried your method several times, sometimes it works, rarely.

I wonder if this is not due to my layout with timeline and keyframes side by side. I put them back in the classic position, one above the other, closed shotcut, reopened and put them back in side by side position and there it works without using a project and therefore a backup. Perhaps a previous issue that successive updates have revealed?

Problem solved