Using the mouse wheel to select in/out points?

This is an amazing program and I have spent 5 days with it - it’s awesome! I am at present experimenting with splitting quite a long video into small clips on the source window. I love the way you can define in/out points by dragging the left or right ends of the blue bar, (or pressing i or o for in/out) (then just dragging the source window into the playlist - brilliant, then just hitting “plus” to get the clip onto the timeline - even more brilliant!)…

… But because the original video is long, I am having to use very small mouse movements and it’s very fiddly.

I think a good feature would be so that as you hovered the mouse over the left or right end of the blue bar, you could use the mouse wheel to move the in/out point, maybe a frame at a time. Also maybe shift/wheel could scroll through the video a second at a time?

Any tips on selecting in/out points more effectively would be welcomed! Thanks!:slight_smile:

Thanks Steve. very helpful.

i’ll get close by dragging the playhead to the desired frame…then use the left or right arrow key to place the playhead precisely where i want it. then issue the desired command from there, (i or o to begin or end from preview, or s to split from the timeline). hope this helps.

Hi theNotSoLoneWanderer, helpful, thanks for answering.