Using the Levels filter correctly

In the video on the left, you can see the changements after using the Levels filter for each colour separately.
Please read the comments included in the video.

I suggest to practise with these two clips.
You must adjust all 3 levels (red, green and blue) to achieve the end result.


The result speaks for itself.
I never think of using the Levels filter in Shotcut.
I should though, since I use it (or Curves) all the time in Photoshop.

Thanks for this demonstration and instructions Deauville.
I’m sure it will be very helpful for many Shotcut users.

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Thanks for your reply.
I’m a great fan of your YouTube tutorials as well.

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Curves is what I’m hoping Shotcut will have one day. In Photoshop, I think curves is the best and most accurate way of manipulating colors.


Can you not simply use one filter with the Value channel? It seems to me that if you do each channel differently you are skewing the color when you were simply trying to improve the exposure.

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By adjusting each color separately you have more precise control but you must at least check them out all 3 in that case.

You get the end result after adjusting the last color.

Hello, the videos are not available at this point, can someone reupload them? Thanks!