Using HTML overlay - gif with chroma not correct sizing?

HI … maybe a simple question.
I have difficulty trying to use HTML overlay with GIF and apply PS and RS to overlay another video so that I can position it anyway around the screen.
With Chroma filter to green (as the background of my gif) … I always have problem not able to see the entire video screen it suppose to overlay.

I been trying many sizing of my gif, seems still not able to solve this problem.
Is there a specific size of SC screen I have to use to make this works?

See eg. screen shot below.

Everything on an upper video track composites/blends onto V1. So, V1 must be visible.

Not sure what you mean … even if I put video on V1, now it is V3, it has same effect.
The reason I put it in V3 was to apply JR transition for that video …

Well could you tell me is there a specific sizing of the whole SC screen. I am thinking if I made my GIF size the same as the SC screen, then this problem will be solved with filters SC and RS. Just a thought …

If you use a small gif with a green background, it’s best to put the Text Html filter on a clip that matches the green background of the gif

Used a 500x288 green screen gif. Centered in the Html editor.

Set the Clip color the same as the gif. This is the filter stack.


Thanks Sauron … it resolve my problem :slight_smile:
The key for me is the “clip” must be color green same as the chrome key color.

I guess I really still struggling with the concept of chroma key and the clip, and various masking and blending. Also “composite” the word use by Elusien … need to find out more what that really means … as I start to see that in Blender tool to complement with Shotcut for “after effect” and 3D rendering effect finishing that I use now. I am drowning with all these jargons … lol. Thanks again.

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