Using EPS files in shotcut

Hello everyone.
I’m still taking my first steps in shotcut and editing in general, so i still find a lot of obstacles.

I wanted to upload an EPS file with some vectored logo into a video I’m editing, but the program doesn’t even seem to read the file in any way I try to upload it.
IS there a solution for this, or am I just encountering some sort of bug?
Would really apreciate some help because I’m not finding anything on this topic

Im using 19.02.28

Thank you

P.S. non native english so sorry for mistakes

Can you convert the EPS file to SVG?
I know SVG’s work with Shotcut.

If you search the internet for converting eps to svg, there are tons of online converters.

Thanks for this information! It would give me more possibilities for my projects.

I’m guessing the EPS file came from the Adobe dark realm.
The light of a simple free program of GIMP can convert it.
If they still have access to their Adobe program they should be able to save it to SVG or some other format, like PNG, JPG, etc.

Inskape should be able to convert it as well(and was built for vectors)

i tried converting it, but its not vectorized anymore,
thats the problem,

The online utility: will convert from EPS to almost any format, PNG, JPG, SVG.

Le seul moyen d’utiliser un fichier vectorisé,est effectivement de l’exporter en svg ou en png pour conserver les transparences.
Cependant utiliser comme un simple objet dans Shotcut il sera convertit en bitmap en perdant par exemples ses capacités d’agrandissement ou de déformation sans escalier.

Pour utiliser du vectoriel, il faut se servir du filtre “surcouche HTML” et sa maitrise du langage flash.
Personnellement je ne sais pas bien utiliser le HTML, mais si une personne averti pouvait nous monter comment faire,il serait le bienvenu.



The only way to use a vectorized file is to export it to svg or png to preserve transparencies.
However to use as a simple object in Shotcut it will be converted into a bitmap by losing for example its capacities of enlargement or deformation without stairs.

To use vectorial, it is necessary to use the filter “overlay HTML” and its mastery of the flash language.
Personally I do not know how to use the HTML, but if a person could tell us how to do it, it would be welcome.

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