Using Downmix before Limiter and/or Equilizer 3 bands causes static/clicks/pops

Using the Downmix filter before the Limiter and/or Equilizer 3 bands filters causes static/clicks/pops.


  • OS: Fedora Linux 38 (Workstation Edition), Gnome 44.6
  • Shotcut version 24.01.28
    — Flatpak version from Flathub
  • Qt version 6.5.3.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. On a video with people speaking, add the Equalizer 3-bands filter and a Downmix filter. Leave the parameters to their default value:
  2. Listen to the result.
    ---- Notice there’s no clipping
  3. Move the Downmix to the first (top) position
  4. Listen to the result
    ---- Notice the static noise, small “clicks”

Additional info

  • This problem isn’t new. It’s been there as far as I’ve been using Shotcut (about 1 year)
  • You can experience the same issue if you replace the Equalizer 3-bands with the Limiter filter (also with default values) as long as the Limiter is at the top position. I haven’t tried other filters.
  • The issue also occur if you place all 3 filters, with the Downmix at the top or second position. The issue disappears when the Downmix is at the bottom position.
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Thanks for your report. This is fixed for the next release.