Using chroma key on a masked area

Hi, We made some videos in front of a greenscreen with more or less static opjects in a stop-motin movie. This works pretty good, but some parts reflect the greenscreen and thus the image is not that clean.

I now try to combine the croma key with a mask.

When using the “simple mask” (in German: “Maske: Einfache Form”) this works great, when using the operation “add”.
I now want to create a mask and load this from a file. This doesn’t work for me. I thind the reason is that here there is no “operation: add” available and thus the chroma key (above) the “mask from file” is not combined.

Any way to accomblish this with the current version of Shotcut?


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Chroma Key has to be on top.
You can arrange any filter just by dragging the filter up/down in the list.

Started with this: (not real size in forum)

See the Key Spill filters are made to help for this.

Really? But Mask: From File overwrites the chroma key’s alpha. If you put Mask: From File first then Chroma Key: Advanced’s Operation parameter can be changed to combine alpha channels.

When I first created this, I did Mask From File first, then added the Chroma Key:Simple & set the color to sort of take out the trees (didn’t think it would work) and I had got all black. Then I dragged the Chroma Key: Simple above and it worked.

As I go back for the screenshot, it’s not showing back from the changed order. But I did not try Advanced. Today I’ve been playing around a lot with the Chroma Key Advanced filter to learn more about it.

Following your Chroma Key Advanced advice, really nice. I just didn’t try hard enough. Wasn’t looking for total chroma key on the trees, but Advanced is the way to go for sure. I don’t fully understand the RGB delta or Slope yet. This is just me experimenting.

So I guess that you are german?
I have made a special greenscreen tutorial and others.
Maybe enlightening? :slight_smile:

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