Using AR Stickers

Here’s my newest video.
Made with Shotcut, Inkscape, Blender, and Gimp.

I hope you will like it.


Once again, as per your previous tutorials, I like the clear way you explain things. I didn’t know about AR before, but I do now! Interesting… Good work…

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Thank you so so much for your very kind words jonray :slight_smile:
Comments like yours are what keep me going!


Unfortunately, my little daughter saw your video. Now she wants me to look for Stickers AR…arrrrghhhh.:rofl:

By the way: watch 3:28 AirDroid Connected From…

Thanks for this nice video.

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LOL, that’s so funny!
Sorry about the trouble.

I’m glad you liked the video.

It’s no problem for me :wink:, I mean that personal data appears briefly in the video (3:28).

Oh, about that… it’s no biggie really. But thanks for mentioning it :slight_smile:

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