Using Add All to Timeline and adding filter on timeline clip breaks playlist times

Hi there,
maybe I have some king of bug, but I’m not sure, if it’s just on my VoidLinux system or if it’s possible to reproduce everywhere.

Actual result:
When you insert some video file and you choose some parts from it as a clip, put this clips into timeline and e.g. to first one insert “3D Text (HTML)” to it, clips loose it’s selecting.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open file - choose some video (e.g. MTS)
  2. Make first clip (e.g. 1min - 2min)
  3. Put this clip into “Playlist” by “+”.
  4. Repeat steps 2. - 3. for different time.
  5. Use “Add All to Timeline” icon on playlist to put them to timeline.
  6. For 1st clip (in timeline) add “3D Text (HTML)” filter.
  7. Go back to “Playlist” tab and double click on some clip.

BUG - you can see that selection of time in clip dissapeared.

EDIT - I’ve tried another project and it looks that it happens when you add any kind of filter (I’ve added Fade IN audio/video).

I reproduced it, and I believe it is a problem specific to using “Add All to Timeline.”

This is fixed in version 16.10 due to arrive tomorrow.

Cool… thx a lot :wink:
You rock …