Using a transparency mask

So I want to make a video transparent using a transparency mask. Is this possible in Shotcut?
Basically, I have a video, as well as a transparency mask video.
The transparency mask video is black in the areas that the original video should be transparent and white in the areas where it should be opaque.

How should I go about making these videos into one transparent clip that I can then edit as per usual?
I can’t seem to find any documentation for how to do this in Shotcut, but I know it is possible in other video editors. Is it possible to do in Shotcut? If so, How?


You could use chroma key to key out the black. Or use track blend modes. Select track, properties then set the blend mode to add or screen.



Ohh, this is very interesting.:open_mouth:
SC has a lot of potential.
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There is some additional (mostly practical) information about these track mixing modes?
For example: in what situations is it advisable or more useful to use these modes?

For a nice description (with visuals) of how to use the more simple BLEND modes see:

For a mathematical treatise on blend modes see:


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I’ll read this information soon.
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Shotcut is a free, open source, cross-platform video editor.
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Oh, this article is very interesting as initiation and with practical examples.
I really liked the usefulness of replacing the sky. :grinning:

The Wikipedia article is more technical than practical, but it explains the general concepts very well.

Thank you so much for sharing this. :+1:

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