Uses 90% CPU when working on Full HD clips - horrible lag

I have a pretty new Lenovo Legion:

Prozessor (Intel® Core™ i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz)
GeRorce GTX 1650

At first edditing videos was quite good, no lags, average CPU usage. Everything stayed the same…Full HD and the Bitrate…

And now (13.04.2020) i can’t work because the preview lags (even if i put preview on 360p!) and runs horrible slow when working on Full HD clips from my drone.
They have 34819kBit/s and 30frames/s

The clips from my phone are the same resolution, but they are working just fine.
They have 7840kBit/s and 60 frames/s

I discovered:
Sometimes it runs smooth as it shoud previewing the drone footage. Than i get to the start of the clip, or cut it, or ding anything else even pressing stop and play… and it starts all over again with maximal CPU usage and ceasing…

can anyone please help me out? I already installed the newest update available on 13.04.2020

best regards Maze

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