Users of Contour ShuttlePRO v2 - do you have other settings than those provided by tin2tin

I just unpacked and installed my brand new Shuttle today and it works and I like it.

(If somebody comes to this forum and is just looking for setup-instructions, here is the link:

Shotcut Website Shuttle page)

Personally, I never need play backwards (button 6) and I do not need play forward (button 8) because that is already/also on button 7 and on the very accessible space-bar of my keyboard.

But what I often need on long videos is a quick jump to the very beginning (ALT + left) or the very end to save time. So I put those on button 6 and 8 for now.

I also wonder why tin2tin left the positions for the two most extreme shuttle turns (left and right) “blank” by just repeating the J and L commands. Any user with more experience wants to comment?

I guess that each power user who spends a lot of time with Shotcut and who is spending money for a Shuttle thingy, might be rather opiniated about best workflow and personal best button-settings.

So I am not looking for “better” or “correct” settings, but I would love if other users would share here what they are doing and how it does make their work more efficient and more fun.

Also just found this helpful page, which is great for playing with the Shuttle settings:

Keyboard Shortcut Reference

Sorry if this is too obvious, but I had looked several times at and never noticed the discreet link to the dedicated shortcuts page.

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Heh, the help menu in the app has a link to that page as well. :wink:

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Thanks - that is indeed faster and more convenient: you just pointed out the Shotcut shortcuts shortcut!

This might shock you, but I have not much ever looked at the help menu. Take this as a compliment please: most of Shotcut use can be learnt by playing around. But I could never find all keyboard shortcuts just by guessing.

Seems that there is no big inbuilt documentation but mostly a link to this awesome forum. (Exporting right now a 2hours+ beast (presently at 40%), but should not abuse this forum as a social hang-out place. Will go and find food.) Good weekend.

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