User defined step lengths in the player, Markers in the timeline

Hi there,
it would be a great option to be able to define the jump LENGTHS in the player by myself.
I am talking about these keys:

|Forward One Second|Page Down| |
|Backward One Second|Page Up| |
|Forward Two Seconds|Shift+Page Down| |
|Backward Two Second|Shift+Page Up| |
|Forward 5 Seconds|Ctrl+Page Down|Cmd+Page Down|
|Backward 5 Seconds|Ctrl+Page Up|Cmd+Page Up|
|Forward 10 Seconds|Shift+Ctrl+Page Down|Shift+Cmd+Page Down|
|Backward 10 Seconds|Shift+Ctrl+Page Up|Shift+Cmd+Page Up|

Because of the fact that Shotcut does not provide markers in the timeline,
(which is another suggestion I do right now),
it makes life easier to jump forward and backward in the timeline to find a certain point.
It would be great if you consider this for the next update.
Thank you for all your efforts and work for Shotcut.
Stay healthy!

@Meha, it’s on the road map, mark 2. :smiley:

Alright DvS!
Thank You.
I hope my other suggestion concerning the self definable jump lenghts makes it to the road map, too.
Stay healthy!