User defined export profile

I found in Shotcut, that there are several export profiles for different purposes. I guess the content of this profiles are called properties.

I have a video “A” which I have made with an other program. It has It has a number of properties.

What I want:
I want to be able to make a video “B” with Shotcut with the same properties like Video “A” has. (The source should not be video “A”, but grabbing from n USB-Grabber. So any new Video that has nothing to do with Video “A”. Just the same properties.)

To get this I have tried this:

  1. I have opened this Video “A” with Shotcut.
  2. To get the properties of this video I have opended “properties”->“more information”
  3. I have copied this properties into the clipboard.
  4. I have changed to the export tab
  5. I press “add current settings as a new custom preset”.
  6. In the window that appears I give the name “fer”.
  7. In the window I delete all content, then I have copied the content from the clipboard into this window
  8. I have pressed the OK-button
  9. As Video “A” had as Codec “MPEG-2 Video” my expectation was, that the new created profile “fer” also has Codec “MPEG-2 Video”, but it has “libx264”.

Conclusion: This seems not to have worked.

What did I wrong? And how can I get, what I want?

Thank you.

That does not work. All you can do in Shotcut is to approximate the other clip by noting its format, codecs, levels, and bitrates. Some things such as rate control mode and GOP may be very difficult to discern without much more advanced commercial tools for analyzing bitstreams produced by encoders. But you should really question why are trying to do this in the first place. How do you know this is actually what you need to do?

OK. Thank you.

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