User-created front ends for Shotcut filters that have not been added to Shotcut

I have been using 19.04.

Any filter that uses KeyframableFilter requires version 19.04 or later.

Two filters for users to try.

K-Means (2.2 KB)

Demo here.

Elastic (2.5 KB)

Couldn’t find a demo for this one. It’s an interesting filter.

This one took a while to do. It needs some debugging. Users can take it for a test drive and if they can, modify the stretch and transparency parameters. (3.7 KB)

This was done with the corners filter. Don’t quite have the hang of it yet.


Hi @sauron, these last three filters look amazing. Thank you for your work on these.

Some of the parameters of the UI for the corner filter aren’t working properly.

Enable stretch, interpolator, alpha operation, feather alpha, and transparent background are funky. Someone with more experience needs to look at the Ui files.

Might work on it a little today.

Elastic Scale is special and needs to be combined with other filters or some other code change to achieve the desired result in MLT/Shotcut. Most up- or down-scaling is done in a linear fashion, but this one works nonlinear. Think about fitting a 4:3 video in a 16:9 project. Instead of center cropping to fill or padding with black, scale the image horizontally but it scales more as you approach the edges so the center is less distorted instead of stretching the whole image.

You are trying to use this to create a shear effect, but corners is not made for that. It is for intentional distortion or, for example, to correct shooting a projector screen from an angle.

That could actually be very handy.
Often seen video clips of presentations where the projector screen was shot at an angle.

I used this effect in Kdenlive once to create a Star Wars crawl. Ir would be great if I could get all the parameters to work properly in SC.

Thanks for the new filters @sauron
Not a fan of K-means-Cluster but the other 2 look interesting and can think of a few uses for them.

I remember using Cinellera a long time ago and although it’s a horrible NLE, it did have some interesting filters.
Wonder if some could be adapted to SC.

These are great thanks for posting it!!

Unfortunately the corners UI is not working properly. The corners are working. The stretch x and y is not working properly. Also the interpolator and alpha operation need a drop-down choice list which I could not create.

Someone with much more experience needs to look at the UI and try to fix. I tried last night but could not get it to work.

The Kdenlive UI looks like this.


2 new filters for users to try. (2.2 KB)

Letterbox can be used to create a cinematic look, also a quick transition. (2.3 KB)

Vertigo doesn’t work with multiple tracks and transparencies.

These are really nice. Thanks, @sauron!

I tried @sauron provided filters which are nice. I don’t know the coding. I like Baltan video filter. Then, I started to create similar effect using existing filter. Here is Baltan video effect created using existing filters.


You guys are always creative. I learned so many things from here. Thank you.

I totally agree. I also learn a lot.:+1:

This is really nice!!

I removed hqdn3d, IIRblur, and RGBnoise from google drive. The filters have been added to 19.06.xx.

It’s good to have that advance information. :wink:
It’s great to incorporate those filters into the installation package.
Thank you very much for this. :grinning:

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