Used Motion Tracker to follow players in soccer game

When Motion Tracker was added to Shotcut, I tested it with soccer (football) game to try to explain a play better. I believe this was in the version where Motion Tracker had just been added.

Note that a lot of armchair referees felt the play was offside and the goal shouldn’t have counted, but I really wouldn’t know, I don’t really play soccer :slight_smile: Just wanted to test out the motion tracker in Shotcut.

Hopefully this gives you ideas for annotating and commenting on sports clips.


I’ve been trying to get the motion tracking to work in ice hockey. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem able to track players on the ice well. I’ve tried all the filters but it even switches and starts tracking players on the other team - in a different color. :sob: Any ideas?

it does take some adjustments and trial in error. For me what worked best was the default algorithm, but you can definitely try other algorithms. Another “must” I have found is split your video into several shorter clips, and run the motion tracker separately on those smaller clips. Also you can play around with the size of the green box (if I recall correctly, the smaller/the closer the box is to the player, the better)

would it be easy for you to share the video you’re trying to get it to work on? I’m mostly curious and interested, I’m much more a hockey fan than I am a soccer fan :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh those are good ideas. I’m uploading the clip right here - it’ll be ready in 10m or so. He’s number 68 in dark blue w/gray. I’m going to try your tips but if you have any other ideas, please let me know.

Sorry my son hops on after 15seconds or so after the buzzer. :slight_smile:

I think your best bet is making smaller clips, splitting at the spots where you start having problems with the motion tracker. With soccer clips in the past the problem I’ve faced is the tracker would switch players when they would cross paths, so I would make a smaller box, re-click “analyze” a few times, try different algorithms, etc. But typically I would end up with a few separate clips, ones where the player is by himself, others where he crosses other players which would require more work and more re-clicks on “anayze” (more trial and error basically).

Also for the truly hard situations where you can’t get the tracker to work, remember that all it does is add keyframes, so technically for the truly hard mini-clips you could manually add keyframes rather than rely on the motion tracker filter (after all, your entire clip is merely 1.5 minutes)

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Thanks! I have done some smaller clips and the “KCF: Kernelized” one seems to work better. I’m going to keep playing with it. It’s more work this way, but it does make sensewhy/ when it looses track.

Yes one thing’s for sure is you need a new clip every time your kid goes out of frame and comes back. Also smaller box probably helps.

Well anyway let me know how it goes if you feel like it, curious to see the end result, and I’ll help how I can if you run into more trouble (btw if you could share the clip through a cloud link like google drive/onedrive/dropbox that would be better, as I can’t download a video from youtube, I have to record my screen if I want to use a video on youtube)

thanks for the quick response! I’ve got a few split up clips now that are tracking ok but I’m having trouble getting the text overlay to track. It’s a little finniky - one track didn’t work, one track does. I’ll keep chipping away and post it when it’s done!

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OK the final version is uploading. I got a little tired of doing all those motion tracks, so I didn’t do it everywhere.


Wow looks great… Also the music, the slow mo

Karson the next Connor? Stay tuned


Great highlight reel! That will make a fun memento for him in the future.


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