"Use Proxy" exporting black videos from new Pixel 6

Hello, I’ve been using shotcut for about 18 months now and its been working fine so far but I’ve started having an issue lately where when I use the Proxy feature and then export any videos from shotcut that are taken with my new pixel 6 they show as Black screen with audio. All clips from my other cameras export fine.

Originally when I import the videos from my pixel 6 into shotcut it automatically creates the proxies and the clips all look normal and I can edit them as I please, however once I do the export the pixel 6 parts of the video turn black and all the pixel 6 clips in my shotcut timeline all turn black as well. If I turn proxy off and then remove the black clips and put the clips from my pixel 6 back into the timeline they work properly and I can export the video properly.

According to my phone camera settings I have the “Store Videos Efficiently” turned on which is using H.265/HEVC format which I believe should be ok for use with shotcut. However, is this format possibly not supported by the proxy feature or have I messed something else up somewhere?

Thanks in advance for any help!

It is specific to the way Pixel is formatting its videos, and triggers a bad behavior is our software.

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This is fixed for the next version 23.09