Use arrow keys to navigate in the timeline

Would be very handy to navigate between clips with arrow keys (like in Final Cut Pro), use up and down arrows to go to the beginin of previus/next clip in track

Keyboard navigation.


But it seems there’s nothing for the next or previous clip - right?

CTRL + Left Right Up Down to select next previous clip.


For me its ALT + left/right arrow keys (for the previos/next clip)

Ctrl (Strg) + up/down arrows selects the tracks

I forget to mention, I´m working on MacOs (thats why I mentioned Final Cut Pro as a reference), and as you can see in the table of shortcuts you paste, there is no shortcut for that on Mac. Please, make all the Windows shortcuts available on Mac, or give us the option to create custom shortcuts.

Yes there is. Read the page. Common shortcuts are not repeated in the macOS column.