Use 100% of CPU to export

i still have worked with Shotcut for my Vidoprojects and I realy like this progarmm.:+1:
But I think the export of my Projeks takes much more time then before (at leas twice of the time!).

In the past I cold use the full performece of my CPU. Now it only uses 40%. I still use the same exportsettings. I dont want to use my GPU because im mis some important filter in GPU-mode.
I work with 4K material sometimes also for the finished Projekt and i dont have so much time for export.
Until now i do not find a solution in this case. I also tryed diffrent Version of Shotcut.

Where i can set it back to 100% CPU-useage for expot and analys tasks?

If there is a solution it would be grate and thanks for support.:grin:
(English is not my mothertoung. Sorry for spellingmistakes)

It depends on many things. You cannot simply compare a random previous experience with a new one. You would have to compare the exact same project in both cases. In newer versions there are some bug fixes to improve image processing fidelity that take longer and prevent feeding the more CPU-intensive encoder. If you are using the new hardware encoding, it is likely going to use less CPU. In a recent version, there was a change to automatically retry a failed export job with parallel processing turned off, and parallel processing uses more CPU. So, maybe that is happening in your recent case. You can still use the older version.

I just did a performance comparison between v18.03 and v19.06 of a simple project with a single clip on the timeline with a Stabilize filter. For the Stabilize analysis job, the newer version used both more CPU and finished in less time. For both export job (using defaults H.264 with AAC) the CPU usage and overall time was roughly the same.

Hi, thanks for the fast awnser. :+1:

I just compareed the same project multiple times otherwise i can´t compare. I only workt with parallel processing turned on to use all of my 12 treats at 4GHz(Ryzen5 2600).
In the past i workt with version 16.02.01 with 4 threats at 4,6 GHz(A10 6800). The same version i used at my new PC. My old configuration i can´t rebuild to compare.

But I think the export of my Projeks takes much more time then before (at leas twice of the time!).

It was just my feeling.

No version takes 100% of my Ryzen5 CPU anymore. The new Version are faster. Thats absolutely right.

Is it possible that some tasks can´t be done parallel? (for example stabilize and other videofilter)

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