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When I try to upload my video to YouTube, it just says “Processing abandoned - This video could not be processed”. I’m not sure why it says this because the video is 2 minutes long and I converted it into MP4. I also tried uploading it onto Streamable to show my friend since it wasn’t working on YouTube. But I couldn’t upload it onto there either. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with my video but I think it might be. Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

I just tried again, it has started to work. I’m not sure what was happening the first time because I did the exact same thing.

I had this same problem when I started shotcut and YouTube. It is either because you haven’t exported the video right or your YouTube Chanel hasn’t been authenticated. Exporting is collecting all of your edits together into a proper video. the authentication will effect new YouTubers where you need to get a code sent to your phone number to upload videos over a certain length. To tell if that affects you with will say where it says processing abandoned a link to a help page
This was the video that helped me learn how to export for youtube:

I hope this helps.

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