Upgrade 20.02.17 install failed -- uninstall first

As with @hudson555x, my 20.02.17 upgrade failed as well. Making it worse is that, even though I am administrator in windows 10, I could not delete the shotcut folder: Insufficient authority. Took two hours and a referral from one Microsoft Helper to her supervisor to get it done. (And he didn’t realized he’d finally deleted it.)

I upgraded once before. And the difference in what I did before, I believe, is that I uninstalled Shotcut before upgrading. And I certainly would not have forgotten the two-hour hassle I just experienced on that earlier ShotCut replacement.

And my glasses broke.

Not my morning.

You probably had a hung shotcut.exe process in the background that had files locked.

@shotcut You mean a simple restart would have solved my problem? That’s an aggravating thought since I lost two hours dealing with Microsoft. However, I wonder if that was actually the issue because the Windows 10 messages complained about permissions. Besides, I thought I tried a restart before the Microsoft Chat Fiasco. Maybe not.
Thanks for the response and, for future upgrades, I’ll uninstall and delete the ShotCut folder first as a precaution.

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