Update showing incorrect version


I’m new to Shotcut and only came across it by accident today.
My issue is I downloaded version "shotcut-win64-230614.exe but when I ask the program
about Shotcut, it reports back "Shotcut version 22.12.21
I like this program as it is easy to use and does what I need from a video editor



Sorry to ask you this, but have you downloaded Shotcut from the official website:
Shotcut - Download ?
Are you sure you’ve clicked on the right box?


Thanks for the reply. It appears to be the “Get it from Microsft” button that causes the issue. I had downloaded from big M and found I had 22.12.21 version. I then found the website and downloaded
23.06.14 update and installed it thinking it would overwrite the older version. I ended up with 2 versions and the desktop icon pointing to 22.12.21. I didnt find out till I looked in windows installed apps and found both versions listed. I consequently uninstalled both and reinstalled 23.06.14 and now all is well.
Thanks for your time to answer my query,


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