Update combined projects imported in a master project?

To make a long project in Shotcut, I decided to make different shot projects (eg “project1.mlt”, “project2.mlt” …) and to use them in a master project (I imported xml mlt and used them in the timeline of “master.mlt”) .
It works well but if I work on “project1.mlt” for example and if its length becomes longer, the changes are not taken into account in the “master.mlt” when I open it. I tried try to found a function to update the “project2.mlt” imported in the “master.mlt” but I didn’t succeed.
I’d like to avoid to suppress an re-import “project2.mlt” which is time consuming.
Any idea to help me ?

Hi @Hub50
Do you completely shut down Shotcut between saving, say project1.mlt and opening master.mlt?
If not, this could be the reason Shotcut doesn’t update your changes.

I get the same results, using a timeline or playlist.

Playlist would be easier to update, than using a timeline. As all you would need to do is delete the playlist item, then add the updated mlt project file.

Shotcut 21.06.29

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I think @Hudson555x 's idea of using the playlist is the best one.

I’ve tested and it didn’t change the problem

Thanks. I think that I’m going to follow your advice validated by Brian too.

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