Update 24.01.28 Blocked by Data Protector

What is your operating system?

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)?
Shotcut version 24.01.28

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
When trying to install the 24.01.28 update, the install process was blocked by Norton Data Protector. After disabling and re-enabling Data Protector for the sole purpose of installing the update, every time I did something in the new Shotcut, I constantly got a Data Protection update, about blocking a harmful process. It happened every time I added something to my timeline.

Since it was severely aggravating, I rolled back to the previous available version and now have no problems whatsoever.

Have you tried whitelisting the entire Shotcut program folder in Norton? Not sure what version you had last installed, but there have been significant changes just within the past year.

I do not have Norton, and it works just fine.

If you are worried that the file you downloaded to install is original, on the downloads page there are checksums available to verify integrity.

I rolled back to 23.11.29 (Actually meant to roll back to 23.12.15 but the aforementioned version was higher up on the list) I’ve never had this problem with any other version and have had Norton since before I started using Shotcut.

I can’t figure out how to make Shotcut or the process causing the block exempt or whitelisted.

All that said, I’m having no problems with the previous versions so I’m using them for now.

Most non-Microsoft malware checkers need time to verify updates and give false negatives for a while because detection is not an exact science. We get a report like this from some Windows user shortly after every new version. All of our downloads are scanned for viruses before publishing. This is not something we can directly fix other than to stop making new versions for Windows available outside of the Microsoft Store.

Configure Data Protector to block malicious processes affecting your PC (norton.com)

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