Unwanted overlaps forming transitions

Take any video, import it onto the timeline and make a cut anywhere. Move the clip to the right of the cut further to the right on the timeline and then move the other clip on the left up to the clip on the right. It always overlaps and forms an unwanted transition.

Bug confirmed:

I also changed the name of the thread to give an idea of what the bug is. Writing “This is so annoying” is not a useful title to a bug report.

Weird bug, and I’ve never moved clips like that before.
I’ve always wanted to ensure there is no space, so I’ve always deleted the space between the 2 clips.

This is probably a side effect of this change introduced in V19.12.16


Yes, it was a regression from v19.10 after the many changes to moving clips. I fixed this for the next version 20.02

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