Unwanted keyframes are created when I move filter in point in some filters

A bunch of unwanted keyframes are created as I adjust the filter in piont of parameters of some filter.

The following are the filters that have this problem.
Many other filters are not affected by this bug although I didn’t check them all.

Blur: Exponential
Blur: Gaussian
Blur: Low pass
Corner Pin
Elastic Scale

Tested with v21.06.29.
Tested on Windows.

This is already reported in older versions, They still need to debug it in the new version. Hope it doesn’t come in next release, till next update you can do your normal work on the latest stable version 21.03.21 and find all the bugs in version 21.06.29.

If you’re thinking about this

then this is different. I made that post above and it’s been clearly fixed in v21.06.29. Please read both posts.

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Sorry for my unclear post, I meant it was already solved, but it again came.

Thanks for your report. This is fixed for the 21.08 release.