Unwanted fade out

My video for some reason fades out just before then end of the video at a certain time, no matter what place everything is in it always fades out forever at the one time

Please help me

Click on the clip, then Filters, delete the Fade Out Video filter.

there isnt one even the clips after dont appear, this is the first time it has happened out of four videos

You have a filter applied to the output. It’s probably a fade out video filter. Look on top of the V1 track head, where it says “Output”. To the right the filter graphic is activated. Select Output and check the filter list to see if there is fade out or unwanted filters

You probably have the fade applied to the Output track.



thanks that was it

I’m curious, @Obelous, have you ever knowingly selected the Output track for a specific reason? Or were you unaware until now that you could select it?

No i have not @DRM

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