Unwanted black box during resolution change by export

My input video has 1920x1080 resolution without any blackbox.
During export I changed resolution to 854x480 and keep aspect ratio on 16:9.
When export done there is a small black box on right side of the video.
According wikipedia it is common 16:9 resolution, so no reason for that.
Why the black box added?

854x480 isn’t true 16:9
Because you’re converting one size to another.
1920/854 = 2.24824
1080/480 = 2.25

Where as a 720p 16:9
1920/1280 = 1.5
1080/720 = 1.5

Shotcut’s default is to put images to the top left, so that’s why the extra space is on the right, as you see as a black bar.

The next closest Common Resolution that would match to 16:9 without black bars is going to be 960x540.

If you still want this particular size/resolution you are going to have to set the video mode.
Settings - Video Mode. You can also use a custom video mode.

Use the filter: Rotate & Scale. Set the scale to 100.1%.

When you export, don’t enter advanced as the video mode settings are carried over to the export settings.

Graphics display resolution - Wikipedia

Your recommendation to change video mode in advance is worked.
Many thanks.

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