Unstretch (?) Text effect

I didn’t know how this effect is called or how to call it, so I chose UNSTRETCH

Check for yourself :slight_smile:


Love it…

And also like that 3d trend of intro, that I started in past, although I didn’t succeed at the first time, but my third try was successful.

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Cool effect, thanks.
Are you using some kind of text-to-speech for the audio ?

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Thank you!

I use this online voice over generator.
I tried a few and that’s the one I like best. You need to be creative though sometimes.
As an example, sometimes the word “was” will come out “wez”. So to make it sound right, I had to write “wazz”.
Also, on one occasion, “Go to” sounded like “Gota” so I had to write “Go two

I also reduce the speed of the voice (American, Man #3) by 5% in Audacity. Otherwise, it sounds too high pitched.


Le montage et la réalisation sont très soignés.
J’apprécie particulièrement les déplacements et les zooms sur l’image qui attirent l’attention du spectateur. :+1:
Vous faites cela au moment de la capture d’écran ou lors de l’édition (l’image reste bien nette)

The editing and direction are very neat.
I particularly appreciate the movements and the zooms on the image which attract the attention of the spectator. :+1:
You do this at the time of the screen capture or when editing (the image remains sharp)

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C’est fait lors de l’édition.

  • J’ai importé toutes mes captures dans Shotcut. Dix captures dans ce cas précis.
  • J’ai coupé les bout inutiles, comme les faux mouvement du curseurs, les hésitations etc…
  • J’ai accéléré certains passages.
  • J’ai exporté une première fois.
  • J’ai importé ce clip dans un nouveau projet.
  • C’est à cette étape que j’ai appliqué les déplacements et ajouté la narration.
  • J’ai exporté le résultat.
  • Pour ce tuto, j’ai importé ce nouveau clip dans Shotcut v20.09.27 et j’ai utilisé le filtre Shapes pour ajouter les cadres et les cercles verts.
  • À cette étape, j’ai aussi ajouté l’oeil qui s’ouvre derrière le masque dans la démo vers la fin du tuto.

I did it at the editing stage.

  • I imported all my captures into Shotcut. Ten captures in this case.
  • I cut out all the useless bits, like the false movement of the cursor, the hesitations etc…
  • I accelerated some passages.
  • I exported a first time.
  • I imported this clip into a new project.
  • At this stage I applied the movements and added the narration.
  • I exported the result.
  • For this tutorial, I imported this new clip into Shotcut v20.09.27 and used the Shapes filter to add the green circles and rectangular frames.
  • At this point I also added the eye that opens behind the mask in the demo near the end of the tutorial.

A lovely tutorial - clear, concise and very useful. Bravo @musicalbox! :+1:

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Thanks Jon!

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