Unseen timeline

My timeline is at very bottom of screen. I cannot see or edit it, too low. I’m brand new to Shotcut & don’t know the ropes. I even tried adding a 2nd timeline thinking maybe it would raise the Master, but it did not. What suggestions do you have to help a newbie?

Did you try grabbing the handle right above the timeline in order to pull it up?

Excellent! That was all it was. Thank you so much for the help & quick response!

Hi, I’m trying to move it grabbing this handle but it doesn’t work. I’ve already reinstalled to app, but nothing makes it work.

Hi there, It’s not working for me. Can you help me?

Have you tried clicking the menu item:

View->Layout->Restore Default Layout

Hi, yes I’ve tried. But it goes down, but not up enough to visualize the timeline.

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