Uninvited Crop Circle filter on reopening Shotcut

I produced a video yesterday with Shotcut 19.9.14. – Thank you – I am under Ubuntu 18.04.xx.
Today I reopen my .mlt file to add a detail and I noticed on the timeline that it was black all around from beginning to end. There is no mention of any filter used for that video when I click on Filter and a clip that used some. It must be buried somewhere. l finally found out that there is a crop circle filter in my video and I don’t use that filter.
If I would have add that filter I would have had to do it to my dozens video sections. No way I would have done that. hihihi.
Is there a way I can reexport my video without this filter? I noticed that it is by default 50% but it looks like was is applied to my video is 100%.

Thank you

This is not a bug. YOU added that filter whether you realize it or not. It is impossible that was added by Shotcut itself. You said you found it. So, remove it yourself if you do not want it. Here is a tip for you. In the left column of the Timeline where there are track headers, look for a funnel icon including in the top, left. If there is, it means there is a filter added to a track. Click it and look in Filters.

Thank you for your reply. It may not be a bug, but definitely a mystery. For precision, I did not find the filter in my list of filter, I just found out by trying all of them that it was the crop circle that produced the same effect.

I also need to mention that the crop circle filter is not listed in my .mlt file, while others are listed.

I followed your suggestion and clicked the funnel (filter) and I have clicked on each and every clip and added text and there is no crop circle filter listed anywhere.

I should also add that I attempted to correct this by adding a transparent image. When I did that I could view the video on the time line without the effect of that filter but it did not work on the export as the filter was present and then the timeline showed again the result of that filter.

I understand that you believe that I added the filter, however it is not so. As it appears that there is no solution to this, that is fine, I will redo another one. It was good practice. Have a great October month!

Screen shots or captures of the timeline might help to find the problem. If you capture your screen, you could use streamable.com. Perhaps you found a weird combination of filters which leads to a bug, therefore I think it would be good to examine your problem a bit further.

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