Unidentified Change in Text Filter

I have a preset for my text filter. This position and size options have always stayed the same as I had originally entered them and until tonight this wasn’t an issue. Now with the same values mt text is much smaller and instead of being placed centre bottom screen it is now left centre screen. This causes a huge problem when captioning and subtitling the video.
I am running the latest version. All I have done is add text filter, typed in the text and then clicked on my preset.

*Sidenote to the Dev; though I appreciate the response and I am loving the software while I save up for Sony Vegas, there was no need to come across so hostile. I understand you may get this a lot but dude, I am new to the forum, I didn’t realise you needed the version info and I thought that the original doc was enough to understand the issue I am having. This issue has returned tonight.

So loading in a clip that doesn’t suffer from the issue, adding it to the timeline then adding the clip which does suffer from the issue and then deleting the clip that doesn’t suffer my problem seems to help. All clips are in MP4 format and all are the same resolution.

If anyone else suffers this issue please let me know, it may possibly be just me but if you do suffer the issue do try my fix and see if that works for you aswell.

Correcting you is not being hostile. Yet, still no version info and no steps to reproduce the problem or really any kind of info to go on.

The presets that save size and position (regardless of the filter) save the exact values you see in the numeric fields, which are dependent on the project resolution. It is quite likely that a new project started with a different, larger resolution such that the preset values do not map to the visual location the same as before. For example, you work on a project is 1280 wide and you place the center of something at 640 and save that as a preset to center it. Then, you start a project that is 1920 wide and choose the preset, it is going to be at 640, which is not half of 1920. Half of 1920 is 960.

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