Unexplained clip shortening

Has anyone had their clips shortened by the program? I can put together a string of 10 second clips and later find that the clips are now 5 seconds. Is this possible or am I not selecting the proper timeline seconds for the clips? Thanks for your advice.

No, never hat that effect. Did you change anything in the properties tab of the clips, some speed accelaration without notice? Provide some screenshots that show the problem or give some more detail what you did exactly when editing.

In the time line I set the range to 10 second intervals. In the past I just guessed the size of the clip based on the timeline spacings. Every so often I would forget to change the spacing to 10 seconds and would be using the 5 second spacing thinking they were 10 second spacing. My bad. Now with the new version I use the seconds indicator in the time line and use 10 seconds. Every so often when I return to the project after closing it the clips are now 5 seconds long. I do not make any preference changes or anything. Perhaps I just am not paying attention and was using 5 second spacings. I am just checking to see if this has happened to anyone else.